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What is a Website and how does it Work?

What is a Website and how does it Work?

A website Shows your business to the world Shows your expertise to your clients

Simply put, a website is an assortment of pages put together that can be viewed online, it is generally located on a Web Server and is maintained regularly in order to keep it up to date.

A website is linked to a Domain Name, which is used to identify web pages. For example, the domain name for Unified Support Services is https://www.unifiedsupport.co.za/.

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Web pages are filled with a mixture of text, images and videos. The standard pattern of websites usually consists of a homepage, which then links to other pages and content on the website.

When it comes down to the form of a website, there really aren’t many specific rules – which means that almost any type of website can be created for public use. The opportunities truly are endless these days!

A well-maintained website has proven to be one of the most compelling marketing tools, as it can help your business gain a competitive privilege in your industry and improve the overall image of your company.

Now you know what a website is, but how exactly does it operate?

As soon as you open your web browser and type in a domain name of a website, a browser request is sent to the server. The server is found, and once the request is received, the server takes a run through the website files and processes the information to determine what the next step should be.

A response code is then sent through from the server back to the browser. When the response is received the server proceeds interpreting the code. As the browser starts understanding the HTML code, it comes across references to these assets and tells the browser which files it needs and sends a request.

Once the files are downloaded by the server, the browser is ready to properly display the website and its contents, and the loading process is complete.

When a link is clicked, the whole process starts over again. This triggers the browser to send out another request for files.

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