Virtual Assistance: One of the Top Trends in the Digital World Right Now

Are you looking to free up some extra hours during your week so that you can focus more of your attention on your clients and getting the essential work done?

You may require the services of a Virtual Assistant!

Why you need to sign up with a Virtual Assistant (VA), like yesterday:

Located in South Africa, Unified Support Services has a team of qualified specialists, ready to assist you at any time you require help with specific projects or tasks that take up all your valued time, this is done online and remotely. A VA can be your support guide for a variation of admin, marketing, customer support, and technical related tasks. Working with a Virtual Assistant will save you a huge amount of time, as well as a decrease in overall business expenses.

Before signing up with a Virtual Assistance company, there are some critical questions that you need to answer first:

  • Which tasks do you need assistance with?
  • What is the timeline for the specific task or project?
  • Should these tasks be completed during daytime, or can they be completed after hours?
  • Do you require an English or Afrikaans speaker?
  • Do you need a full-time or part-time resource?
  • Do you have a budget for the specific project, and if so, what is it?

What is the purpose of Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

Our Virtual Assistant will work for your business on a contract basis; you can hire us to complete work for a specific set of hours a week or month, or for the length of a project or task. We can help with almost any task, from completing administrative tasks and answering emails to optimising your website for SEO, responding to blog and social media comments, or writing and proofreading content for your business.

Further to this, we can imagine that you are busy, stressed out, and overwhelmed most of the time, therefore you can also trust us to assist you with any Customer Support needs. Going the extra mile by spending more time speaking to customers and solving problems would of course make your clients feel much more valued.

Our experienced team of specialists take pride in their work, and their time management skills are truly exceptional; they are able to work on all kinds of projects and find ways to help you solve business related problems quickly and efficiently, they also do research daily to stay up to date with new developments in order to always be able to assist you in any way you may require.

Below are the main Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant:

  • More cost-effective than hiring a permanent employee
  • Gives more time to focus on important business tasks
  • Can free time up for you to spend with your family and friends
  • Decreases stress levels, which can prevent employee burnouts

Once you start adding up the hours it takes you to complete these tasks on a daily basis, you would realise that it truly consumes hours and hours of time. Wouldn’t you prefer rather spending this time on other tasks?

Unified Support Services: “We are here to help you!”

We offer Virtual Assistant services to suit your specific needs; once you sign up with us you will be connected with a qualified VA.

We hope that these guidelines will assist your business in making the right decision.

Kindly leave a comment below if you have any feedback, questions, or suggestions!

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