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IT Procurement

What we can Offer!

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We provide you with efficient provisioning and IT procurement services for the end user computing environment, which is achieved through a combination of proven processes, relationships with vendors, understanding your environment and experience of managing a geographically diverse end user community.

As an integrator, we can provide most commercially available technologies, Mac- or PC-based, Desktop or mobile, that addresses the business needs of a customer. 

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Why Choose Us?

Equipment offerings include: Desktops.Notebooks.Peripherals.Printers.Routers.Scanners.Servers.Software.Storage Area Networks.Switches.Tablets.Software.

The services offered:

– Equipment Configuration Management
– Equipment Procurement and Provisioning
– Equipment Staging

Our Equipment Provisioning and Procurement Services include:

– Provide all equipment to customer as a service, including procurement and provisioning
– Leverage standardized configurations across multiple customers to reduce costs
– Coordinate equipment orders, shipments, and returns
Key Features and Benefits
– Reduce total cost of ownership and risk to the enterprise
– Streamline the product acquisition process
– Seamless integration of processes, services and hardware, from ordering to deployment to break-fix
– Customized partnerships to proactively provide solutions that fit within customers’ operational and budgetary constraints
– Enhanced support and faster responses from suppliers/partners

Don’t let your business sink to the bottom with expensive IT procurement costs, contact Unified Support Services today and let us take care of your IT Procurement needs!