Unified Support Services

Unified Support Services

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Need a website? On-site consultant? Newsletter to clients? General Design? Network & Computer Support? - You have found the right company. As one of the trusted brands in South Africa we are an affordable price leader in the industry, offering excellent Customer Service, unique advantages, and a GREAT guarantee to our customers.

At Unified Support Services we can assist you by offering outstanding Support services and solutions, including IT Support and Procurement, Digital Marketing, Web Design and Support, just to name a few of the main fields we specialise in.

Our services and solutions include performance enhanced Website Design and general Web-Design, Newsletters, Computer and Network (IT) Support, Sales and Consulting, Internet Security, Digital and Social Media Marketing and Management, Search Engine Optimization, Virtual Assistance, and General Maintenance.

We are here to ensure your business has the correct processes and systems in place to support more efficient processes in the company, as well as its overall growth.

Our Digital Marketing solutions and content that we curate on our blog is high-quality and we are always open to individuals and businesses sharing their stories and expertise with us.

We would love for you to join our community. Let's help each other grow!

What sets us apart from our Competitors?

As a brand, the level of our work performance and outcome, and how visible we are is what sets us apart from our competitors.

We strive to continuously impress our existing and prospective customers, which is the added value you can expect when establishing a relationship with us.

Once you invest in our services, you become a member of the Unified community.

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