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Change IT Procurement

Change IT Procurement

Let's change the idea of IT Procurement

Knowing that your business is not only reliant on the IT resources currently deployed in your environment, but is also dependant on the growth that those resources can avail to you is something that not all of us know or acknowledge. This is where we emphasize the term IT Procurement as a whole; this is where your hardware is allowed to grow while allowing it to give more value back to you. With technology always evolving you need to evolve with it to allow for the best marginal growth technology can make available to your business!

Having met with multiple businesses where their technology is hanging on by a thread to try and keep up with the growth in numbers it has made us ask why, why are you not keeping your hardware serviced and updated? Why is it that companies have become so reliant on their hardware but showing so little towards keeping it as updated as their Software?

The prevailing common answers we found to be among a number of these businesses were:

  • The cost of the equipment
  • The time it takes to get approval
  • The time it takes to get the resources into production
  • and lastly, just the unnecessary downtime caused

Procurement shouldn’t ask should we automate as much as what should we automate, where are machines (whether software or hardware-based) better positioned than people to create value and achieve success? If we divide the end-to-end procurement process into its major components, there are subcomponents of each that are prime targets for automation.

Following this trend, it has become a prominent point that we need to change this, we need to automate and ease the process, making it more affordable, faster and more accurate. Allowing companies to make informed IT Procurement decisions even before it needs to happen to not only have a positive effect on your company’s bottom line but allow it to assist in your business’s overall success.

Unified Support Services has been able to implement processes to relieve these issues for our customers by assisting them in taking control of their IT Procurement Processes, making sure that we are able to give them the best-priced solutions for their current business needs while assisting the business in making educated informed decisions from statistical analytical information; in turn allowing us to be able to meet the requirements of our customers with a wide variety of IT Procurement solutions, including the benefit of growing their IT resources ROI to benefit their business more than ever before!

If you have been stuck in a situation where your IT Procurement Process has failed you, get in touch with Unified Support Services to relieve that headache and make your IT Infrastructure do its part in making you money instead of just costing you money.

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