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A Few Words About Us

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Why Choose Us?


Unified Support Services was founded in 2016 with the main purpose of assisting businesses in optimizing efficiency through Managed IT, Support, Procurement, Web Design, and Marketing Solutions. We are passionate about the success of your business, and therefore offer you the most proactive Support, Management, and Maintenance Solutions.

We work with clients from various industries and offer services all around South Africa, and are here to ensure your systems are safe and secure, regularly backing up your data to minimise downtime and maximise productivity.

With us, you can invest in effective Search Engine Marketing and Advertising, IT Support Solutions, Graphic Design and Web Design, as well as much more. Let us build a network to your specific needs inclusive of giving you the capability of expanding in the near future!
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What we Offer

We solve your problems - and love doing it!

In the current ever-evolving tech driven society it is always good knowing the best advice is only a call away.

Do you rely on your computer and/or networking equipment to be functioning optimally in order to deliver the best you can? Of course, you do!

Having your Marketing operations and IT infrastructure well-managed, secure and reliable is fundamental to the success of any home, office or business. In this always-connected world we live in, nobody can afford downtime and if your network is not optimally designed, you not only risk downtime but also data loss and potential attacks from malicious users.

If your business is maintained by a company that delivers the level of service required to ensure all systems function properly, you are all set! Keeping the common cultures intact is a top long-term priority for us as it is the foundation we have built our company on. Our services are perfect for small to medium sized companies across South Africa. Save time and money by letting us implement the correct technology and systems for your company.

Here at Unified Support Services we pride ourselves in giving our clients the opportunity of being able to reap the benefits of the fast paced, ever changing IT, Design, and Marketing Industries.

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