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8 SEO Best Practices That Will Immediately Boost Your Rankings

8 SEO Best Practices That Will Immediately Boost Your Rankings

Search Engine Optimisation is a process that takes time, work and experimentation. Maintaining a good online presence is about more than just focusing on the search rankings, there are various other SEO factors that need to be taken into account:

  1. Keywords

Specific brand related SEO Keywords need to be identified and targeted in order for your website to come up when certain phrases are typed into Google’s search bar by users.

  1. ALT Text

Google relies fully on machine learning to understand and image, and the main objective of Image ALT Text filled with descriptive keywords is to explain to a search engine and to users exactly what your image is about. Image ALT Tags also enables your images to be searchable online, which can increase traffic to your website immensely.

  1. Content Authority

In order for Google and other search engines to provide online users with Unique and Credible Content, you should always ensure your business is putting reliable and authoritative content out there.

  1. Title Tags

By creating descriptive and compelling Title Tags and placing important keywords at the beginning of the Title Tag, search engines will pick them up for rankings. Also, using your brand name in the title is always a great idea, as it helps for visitors to recognize your brand.

  1. Meta Description

The Meta Description comes with the main purpose of providing search engines with relevant information about the content on a specific web page, and encouraging users to click on the link that takes them to your website.

  1. Internal Links

Creating Internal Links within the content of a web page using descriptive keywords assists in increasing link credibility for your brand. In other words, while a user is busy reading content on your website, a certain keyword may come up with a link attached to it, and a customer may click on the link if they are interested in the respective subject.

  1. Technical SEO

Search engines need to be able to index your website, otherwise they will not be able to showcase your content in search results. In order to ensure Google is able to crawl and index your content, you need to ensure your website is equipped with the following Technical SEO elements:


  1. Mobile Friendly

Your website needs to be mobile friendly so that it ca be displayed correctly to users, as most people these days are doing searches from their phones or tablets.

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Creating and maintaining a good online presence is hard work, however once your online presence has reached its goal of being in the best position to rank well on Google, your business will reap the benefits. There are numerous SEO tasks that cannot be overlooked, some are wise to do because they affect your business positively, and some are ideal for going that extra mile, which most people don’t even think of doing.

You can Benefit from Google Analytics too

In order to track your website’s SEO performance to see how your Search Engine Optimization efforts are helping our business to gain more exposure and traffic is to keep an eye on your Google Analytics tracking data – and by the way, your website should be linked to your GA account as soon as possible! Here are some Tips on Linking your Google Analytics account to your website, if you have any questions, let us know in the comments section and we will get back to you.

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